Chairman of the Board

Victory for Believers!

Life has simple, clear and quite analytical rules in itself. Just as the development of a human being, companies are fed and enlightened from these rules, too. And first rule is to believe. Believing is a universal formula regardless of your situation and goals! If you believe, love the values that you believe wholeheartedly, feed the love with your elbow grease and walk towards your goals in unity and with the love of service to the humanity, the sun of life will surely rise for you, too.

Here as you see, the substance of our story is nothing short of a simple rule. I am sure that you will also notice the fact that this belief has built up the culture which has made Şirikçioğlu Textile which is the result of joint work of Turkish industrialist, engineer, manager and workers to be one of the fastest growing denim manufacturers in the world during your journey through pages of our web site.

Denim is a special product which does not accept boundaries, limitations and also discrimination. It has become one of the common languages of the world. It is over everybody. Şirikçioğlu Textile will continue to provide service to this common language with continuous belief.