Our company was established in 1996 in Kahramanmaraş. increasing its labor force, production and employment capacity day by day, it currently employs 2.900 people in Kahramanmaraş, İstanbul and Kayseri.

Under the roof of Şirikçioğlu Group Companies;

In Kahramanmaraş:

Şirikçioğlu Mensucat San. Tic. Inc.

Şah İplik Textile Industry. Ve TİC. Inc.

Şirikçiler Tekstil SAN. ve TİC. Inc.

Şirikçiler Construction Marketing Industry. ve TİC. Inc.

Şirikçioğlu Agriculture and Livestock Food Industry. ve TİC. Inc.

Şirikçioğlu Electricity Generation Inc.

Şirikçioğlu Marketing Trade. Inc.

In Kayseri:

Şirikçioğlu Yarn and Denim Enterprises San. Tic. Inc.

In Istanbul:

Akılay Foreign Trade Inc.

We, as Şirikçioğlu Group Companies, operate in the fields of textile, marketing, agriculture, energy production and construction, managed by three generation Family Members.

According to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce 2018 data; in the first 500 Şirikçioğlu Mensucat San. Tic. Inc. In the second 500, Şirikçioğlu İplik ve Denim İşletmeleri San. Tic. Inc. In 252th place, Şirikçiler Tekstil San. ve Tic. Inc. 415th place. In the Şirikçioğlu Group of Companies, the philosophy of “the happiness of the external customer is ensured by the happiness of the internal customer” is the basis of our human resources policy.

Our main objective is to provide a working environment in which our employees, our most important capital, can work happier and more efficiently.

4857 labor law, occupational health and safety law No. 6331, ILO conventions ratified by Turkey and SA 8000 standard for social compliance requirements are fully implemented in all our businesses.

Our company has adopted the principle of acting in accordance with ethical values ​​as an understanding of management in both internal and external activities.

Our management approach has adopted the stakeholder culture; is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for our employees, contributing to the personal and professional training of our employees, and prioritizing the interests and happiness of our employees.

In this context; Human resources and investment projects are realized. All personnel on the job are evaluated with a personnel evaluation form at the end of the two-month trial period and their performance is measured. The salary increase is made to the personnel with high performance. Every six months and yearly periods, all employees receive salary increases based on performance. Social areas in accordance with the standards are created for our employees, monthly scholarships are provided for the children of the employees of the university, and the elected employee representatives are given the opportunity to present their requests to the management by voting method. Employees’ salaries are regularly deposited in their bank accounts, in case of need, an advance application is given and all employees receive gift checks and food packages every 3 months. Gifts are given to employees who are married or have children. Condolence organization and visit is made in case of death of first degree relatives of our employees. Inter-departmental football tournaments are organized once a year and employees are encouraged to engage in sports. The winner department is awarded.

The forms written by the employees in the wishes and complaints boxes in the social areas are reviewed by the management and necessary corrective actions are applied. In addition, our employees are given the opportunity to come together in special events.

The Company conducts regular health checks once a year and informs them of all rules and instructions regarding occupational safety and provides personal protective equipment.

In order to avoid damaging the rights of our employees, customers and the people living in the region in which we operate, sustainability projects are prepared and implemented in order to minimize environmental impacts of our activities in our business areas and to take measures to prevent environmental pollution. In order to ensure the minimum use of natural resources, necessary sensitivity is shown.

Sevim Şirikçi Girls’ Vocational High School and Nuri Şirikçi Health Center were built in the region where we operate with the awareness of social responsibility and put into service for the people of Kahramanmaraş.

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