• 2019

    We started organic yarn production.
    Educations about sustainability and recycling were given in all of our firms.
    We set on Kayseri Open End spinnig mill with 320 rotors capacity.
    The capacity of Ring Spinning Mill at Turkoglu Organized Industrial Site is doubled.

  • 2018

    We made a big investment on our weaving mill and doubled our machine park.

  • 2017

    Şirikçioğlu Mensucat Marassi Denim became one of the most valuable denim brands.
    5th Indigo dyeing park is set.

  • 2016

    We made 3960 rotors Open-End investment for our yarn production.
    The ERP system was commissioned to cover all the details of the business processes.
    Sizing Mill with 11000 meters capacity is set.
    4th Indigo dyeing park is set.

  • 2015

    2400 rotors Open-End investment is maden for our yarn mills.

  • 2014

    We made investments on Kayseri Free Zone.
    We increased our Ring Spinning Mill capacity with 36 new machines (21 machine with 1440 Spindle-15 machine with 1200 Spindle)
    We increased our Open End Spinning Mill capacity with 2 new machines with 320 rotors.
    We increased our Indigo Dyeing Mill capacity with 2 new rope dyeing machines.
    We increased our Weaving Mill capacity with 291 new machines.
    We increased our Finishing Mill capacity with 3 new stenter machines+2 new sanforizing machines+ 2 new washing machines.

  • 2013

    A big dream was realized, too. The full-equipped Kahramanmaraş Sevim Şirikçi Vocational School for Girls with 24 classrooms was constructed and transferred to the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey.
    200 new weaving looms were added to the body in order to meet the increasing demands of the market.
    Pressed the button for the structuring of the company’s international marketing.
    The first step was taken for offices abroad and a network of representatives.
    Investment of Open-End yarn facility with 3168 rotors was made in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone and it had been reached to a more competitive position in product range.

  • 2012

    A wide range of investments were made to human resources and information technologies and it was reached to full automation and measurable values in all work processes.
    A new brand was launched in polyester yarn and Polyline was introduced to the public. The production capacity had been increased from 110 tons to 1100 tons by increasing 1000%.
    The company was awarded by the SSI as a result of being the 8th biggest company due to contributions to the employment.
    Şirikçioğlu Textile is among the first 500 industrial enterprises according to data of İstanbul Chamber of Industry for the first time! The youngest denim fabric manufacturer which was entitled to enter the list of honors!
    The company has become one of the most important suppliers of the World’s fashion and ready-made clothing brands.

  • 2011

    Third denim line has been launched in central plant. A new ring yarn investment with 12,096 spindles was made in the plant located in Kahramanmaraş Organized Industrial Zone.
    Polyester yarn investment of 100 tons per month was made for the facility in Kahramanmaraş Organized Industrial Zone.
    The company took place in the first 1000 industrial enterprises again according to data of İstanbul Chamber of Industry

  • 2010

    Some investments including ram, sanforizing and washing machines were made for finishing facility located in central plant in order to carry quality to a higher level.
    Şirikçioğlu Textile took place in the first 1000 industrial enterprises according to the data of Istanbul Chamber of Industry
    90 new weaving looms were bought to the same plant and production capacity reached to a record level
    Şirikçioğlu Textile was shown as a candidate for ‘Quick Fish Award’ that is given to the fastest-growing firms which is held by TEB.
    The full-equipped Kahramanmaraş Nuri Şirikçi Family Health Center that is one of the social responsibility projects of the company was transferred to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

  • 2009

    99 new weaving machines were bought to the plant in Kahramanmaraş Organized Industrial Zone and production capacity was increased much more.
    Şirikçioğlu Plaza began its operation in Istanbul. Structuring of domestic dealer network was completed.
    An investment that will strengthen standard and innovative quality was made, too
    One of the most comprehensive denim laboratories of Turkey is owned by Şirikçioğlu Textile!

  • 2008

    Rules of “Operational efficiency” and “code of conduct” started to be applied to all business processes
    High quality practices began to be applied to infrastructures, physical equipment and working conditions in all plants.
    Marassi Denim has become the pride of the Turkey in terms of export.

  • 2007

    All weaving halls in the central plant were moved to Kahramanmaraş Organized Industrial Zone. Central plant focused on denim production.
    The waste water treatment system was launched as a necessity of environmental awareness and responsibility.
    A new indigo dyeing machine was developed as a result of joint work of German Sucker Mueller Company and our company for the first time in the world and has become the pride of Turkish industrialists, engineers and workers. This machine increased the reputation of the company many times on the international scale by entering into world’s textile literature.
    A modern ring spinning plant with 10,800 spindles was established in Kahramanmaraş.
    Organized Industrial Zone. 99 new looms began production in weaving halls.

  • 2006

    Şirikçioğlu Textile pressed the button for the second facility to be built on 65,000 m² in Kahramanmaraş Organized Industrial Zone.
    R&D and P&D studies were conducted in the body of the company for several months as night and day.
    An additional innovation was realized by the support of TUBITAK. The profitability has reached the optimum level by the use of “Flat Finish” washing machine.

  • 2005

    The first brand in denim industry was created. Marassi Denim!
    Human resources of the company were re-structured and wisdom and human development were taken as base during all processes.

  • 2004

    A historical milestone and landmark for Şirikçioğlu Textile!
    The decision of investment to denim industry was taken.
    The first indigo vat was transforming the experiences of the past into a completely different color.

  • 2003

    59 new weaving looms started production in the facility.
    The company continued to invest in the business every year.

  • 2000

    The principle of “Earnings of a Business are invested in the Business” that is one of the basic philosophies of Nuri Şirikçi brought its first results in the 4th year.
    The company launched 35 weaving looms and warp sizing machines in four years.

  • 1994

    The first step of the family was Şirikçioğlu Textile in this industry and the facility began its operations in a facility to be considered as small for the conditions for those years with 6 weaving looms and great hopes.