Şirikcioğlu Mensucat;  active in ring, open end, teksturized yarn, partially oriented yarn (poy), raw weaving, non-denim weaving, denim weaving fields since 1996 in K.Maraş and 2013 in Kayseri with 162.000 ring yarn, 27.000 rotors open end yarn, 5.200 teksturized yarn production capacity, 350 ton yarn per day, with 911 pcs weaving loom, 10 million meters per month Denim and Non-Denim fabric design, producing and marketing servicing with 2.900 employees to entire world.

In denim and non-denim sector, with registered brands W Denim and Marassi, we are giving service with innovative, hyperstretch,rigid, laser printed, brushed, printed, coated, overdyed, denims made by different fibers, Cotton-modal denim, Cotton-lyocell denim, Cotton-polyester denim and technological products which are combined with a large amount of fiber types to entire world.

In denim sector, with registered brands Cottonline, Roseline, Trendline, Twistline, we are giving innovative services and products with American, Greek, Brazilian cottons, Lyocell, Bambu, Modal, Viscose, Polyester, Linen Fibres, (Carde, Corespun, Corespun with slub, Dual Core, Combed, Compact, Siro Yarn, Slubbed, Core Yarn, Open End, OpenEnd slub, compositions, texturized polyester elasthan, texturized polyester, Twist Yarn, 10 ton per day POY production to entire world.

Our Vision, Our first aim is become a world brand in textile sector. In this direction to reach unit target, review our quality targets constantly, contribute to our employees personal and Professional training, to give importance to occupational health and safety, being a company that operates in accordance with local and international standarts, producing with prioritizing respect for the environment and human beings, be conscious of its social responsibilities and contribute, following the innovations, based on customer satisfaction and continously improve our position in the market, to provide honest and quality products with the assurance of continuity, and our mission is to provide fast service to our customers.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 4001 Environmental Management System, TSOHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety,
ISO 50001 Energy Management System,  SA 8000 Social Compliance Management System, Chemical Management System Installations are made, applied continuity is provided.

Oeko-Tex standart 100 (yarns and fabrics), Global Recycled Standard, Organic Standard (yarns and fabrics), Organic Content Standard (yarns and fabrics), Cotton USA, Better Cotton BCI are our certificates and changes are updated as new standards every year.

We are working for “Sustainably Production” and to make the world a better place!

Our new step in this context is “Sustainable Textile Production (STEP)”. With this production we aim to have transparent, sustainable way of production conditions and continuity to the confidence of public.

The modular structure of our company by integrating STEP Certificate; we are providing, efficiently used eco-friendly Technologies and products and resources, appropriateness of working conditions and social sustainability of our association.

We recognize our responsibility to the environment and in our factory, with fully equipped waste water treatment facility, liquid wastes are prufiy without contamination to nature; solid wastes sorted with waste Management principles in its source and it is recycled by licenced companies which are providing services in this area. Our products “environmental effect” testing by non-bounded laboratories; besided in our denim laboratory “baby/child” products testing high sensively and our responsible officers joining, laboratory, chemical using, environmental training and fairs continously and in our factory related trainings are giving to employees.

We are working with nature to nature itself

Keeping our water and energy consumption in minimun level is our main priority.

In our treatment facilities, we are using best performing equipments and latest technology and working with professionalist team.

In our products we are using eco-friendly textile materials.

Within the suggestion – reward system, innovation projects supporting to provide sustainability.

Professional and personal developments of employees is the basis of our core growth.

Open carrier oppurtunities in human resources processes, in-company training, healthy and qualified working conditions of motivation Management, with emphasis of social activities and communication, happy and solution-oriented working environment are the core values for our employees.